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Oct 30, 2018




contemplate the possibility of doing something or that something might be the case.

Welcome to episode six of the Stretch Podcast with your host, Alison Kuhlow.  Stretch is a podcast created to help engage the power of storytelling. Stories help us process information and make it easier for us to relate to new ideas.  While everyone’s challenges are unique, there are often enough similarities in our stories to help each other grow. Each small story of change can help you along your path, and will allow you to stretch towards the next change.

In this episode Alison speaks with Eugenio, an Italian attorney turned actor.  Eugenio grew up following a path that met both the social norms, and his personal envisions.  As a child he was fascinated by the ethics surround rules and laws. He decided to become an attorney to help people, and viewed the law as the key to people living together in peace.

Eventually Eugenio found himself working as a 9-5 business lawyer with a more regular schedule.  He started taking acting classes, and realized his dream of becoming an actor. This episode is about Eugenio’s journey from being a lawyer, to making a change and living out his dream.

 Listen as Eugenio shares his story about:

  • Why he became an actor
  • The changes between working at a law firm and as a business lawyer
  • Deciding to go to acting classes
  • The importance of pursuing your dreams
  • Getting his first role as an actor
  • Making peace with the law with his last case
  • The importance of finding a person who shares your needs to change
  • The key to all things- Kindness


Big things take short steps.  It’s better to be a player on the field of life, rather than sit on the sidelines wondering if you’d be any good.

Get out there and stretch a little.


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