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Oct 16, 2018




compliance with standards, rules, or laws. behavior in accordance with socially accepted conventions or standards.

Stretch is a podcast created to help you gain new ideas and perspectives as you face the challenges in your life.  Some challenges are internal, leaving us to battle within. While others are external, involving those around us and the community that we live in.  No matter what your struggle is, you are in the right place. Stretch is here to help.

Join us this week as your host Alison Kuhlow speaks with her friend and former sorority sister Kelley about the challenges her son, Ryland, has faced when it comes to gender identity.  At first Kelley let Ryland do his own thing and experiment with who he wanted to be. However, when Ryland started to go to school, she became worried about what the other kids, teachers, or parents would say about his feminine clothes, accessories, and toys.

Follow along as Kelley tells the story of how she created a healthy way for Ryland to be Ryland.

In this episode Alison and Kelley share:

  • The expectations you have when you’re told you have a son or daughter
  • The line between parents encouraging creativity, while also helping their child fit in with society’s standards
  • How a school counselor can help in a multitude of ways
  • The difficulties of seeing your child struggle in school
  • The support group Kelley created, Little Rainbows Group
  • The use of pronouns at home, and at school


Be sure to take a moment to think about the foundations that you live your life by.  Some of these foundations will allow you to see your challenges more clearly, allowing you to Stretch a little.


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Special thanks to Travis Brown – Producer and audio editor with PodcastBuddy.