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Nov 13, 2018




expose (someone or something valued) to danger, harm, or loss. act or fail to act in such a way as to bring about the possibility of (an unpleasant or unwelcome event).

Welcome to episode eight of the Stretch Podcast with your host, Alison Kuhlow.  Stretch is a podcast that uncovers the process of change through the exploration of personal journeys.  Alison reflects on how lucky she is to have friends who are comfortable sharing their stories with her. Her love of understanding someone else’s perspective allows her to gain access to their inner lives.

In this episode, Alison is joined by her friend Annette.  Annette offered to interview Alison in order to allow her to sit in the seat of storyteller.  At the age of 40, Alison was living a life that many would define as successful. She was a good mother, wife, and excelled in her career. She not only met expectations, but exceeded them.  However, she felt like she was questioning everything, all the time.

Alison shares:

  • How she realized she was on the wrong life path
  • Becoming numb by the path society said to live by
  • Seeking and finding help through medications and therapy
  • How she came to the realization that her marriage was not working
  • Letting go of what you can’t control
  • The relationships she had with friends before and during marriage
  • Exploring nontraditional changes in her life
  • Being comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Flipping what risk means to her
  • Looking for opportunities in the space you’re in now


Be aware and acknowledge your beliefs with an open mind.  Consider how you are living your life, what is possible if you were to change?  

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